Assessment Information

This training programme has been designed with leading manufacture to provide operatives with skills and knowledge to undertake the survey and installation of flood mitigation systems.

It must be noted that the course will emphasise common system configurations that most installers will be likely to encounter. The course covers information required by qualified building services engineers or plumbers to install these systems.


Qualified building services engineers, plumbers or competent trades people with a recognised building/construction qualification or demonstrable construction experience.

Further Information

This course is only available via UK Flood Barriers.

Expiry Information

Certificates are normally valid for 3 years.

Useful Information

Flood protection covers a wide range of mitigation solutions which need to be selected for the correct application. Specific types of equipment may be more appropriate for certain tasks and circumstances, and an assessment of the risks associated with a particular project is essential before the final equipment selection.

Training Materials

Installation Course

  • Survey
  • Installation
  • safety issues
  • maintenance
  • equipment requirements
  • customer care instructions

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