September 21, 2021

Seeing double! 1st Class Gas welcomes BPEC at two sites

Photo shows (L to R) Ian Turnbull & Colin Downie of 1st Class Gas, and Neil Collishaw BPEC CEO at 1st Class Gas Aberdeen site

Photo shows (L to R) Neil Collishaw & Duncan Wilson of BPEC, Fiona Provan & George McKenzie of 1st Class Gas, Fiona Hodgson, SNIPEF at 1st Class Gas Glenrothes site

The latest stop of BPEC’s customer service tour saw Chief Executive Neil Collishaw visiting 1st Class Gas, a leading private training provider located at two busy centres in Scotland.

Based in Aberdeen and Glenrothes, 1st Class Gas has a long standing and trusted partnership with BPEC which started around 17 years ago when the two sites became accredited centres. 

Since then, 1st Class Gas has gone on to offer some of the best training and assessment available covering gas, water, oil and renewable energy to engineers around the country.

The relationship between George McKenzie and BPEC goes back even further, as George worked closely with and provided his gas knowledge expertise to BPEC when it was setting up its certification body to offer gas training and assessments. Conducting external quality assurance with BPEC’s first centres in the late 1990s, George was a great source of support to BPEC in its early days and Neil used this opportunity to thank George for his contribution.

During the visits to both sites, Neil spoke with centre owners and staff to share plans for future improvements and enhanced customer care, understand what 1st Class needs and how BPEC can support them. Delivering quality is a shared value for both organisations – for 1st Class Gas in the delivery of training to its customers and for BPEC the delivery of quality service and support to its centres.

Joining Neil at the Glenrothes visit was BPEC Chairman Duncan Wilson, who is based in Edinburgh and was keen to meet Scotland’s leading BPEC training centre. Also in attendance was Fiona Hodgson, SNIPEF chief executive, to forge links with 1st Class Gas and look at opportunities for SNIPEF members.

A key benefit in recent months for 1st Class Gas has been the fact BPEC was able to provide a continuous service for certification during lockdown periods. During the pandemic BPEC halved the time of their 20 working days minimum standard service term – delivering great support for providers already under pressure due to coronavirus restrictions. 

“1st Class Gas is an important customer to us and so it was great to visit both locations to fully understand their operation and needs,” said Neil Collishaw. “I was particularly impressed with their specialised training and assessment workshop facilities and would like to thank staff at both sites for their continual custom and loyalty towards BPEC.”

“We really enjoyed this visit and it was great to hear about BPEC’s plans to support us even further,” George McKenzie, Glenrothes added. “With quality at the heart of everything we do, we look forward to collaborating in the future with BPEC and continuing our successful partnership.”

Ian Turnbull, 1st Class Gas Aberdeen, concluded: “BPEC’s certification team provided an uninterrupted service during the pandemic – something we were very grateful for to allow us, in turn, to provide a continual service to our customers.”


1st Class Gas Training & Assessment aims to provide High Quality Training and Assessment. The company seeks to provide these services in a timely manner with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program to provide candidate satisfaction. With high quality training facilities in Aberdeen and Glenrothes they are well placed to deliver training/assessments at a convenient location.