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2013 World Plumbing Council Education & Training Scholarship

The World Plumbing Council Chairman, Mr. Russ Chaney has launched the WPC Education and Training Scholarship for 2013, inviting plumbing industry personnel involved in industry training to make an application for this rewarding industry Scholarship. The successful applicant can receive up to US$10,000 in funding to travel to another country or countries to learn about […]

SkillPLUMB names Michael as the North’s best young plumber!

The 2013 SkillPLUMB competition has named 22-year old Michael Yuile as the North’s best young plumber following a challenging one-day event at Burnley College on 30 April. Michael, an apprentice with Cheshire Building Contractors and studying at Warrington College, came out on top after six competitors went head-to-head on a plumbing task to install a […]

Why not consider BPEC for your NVQ Provision?

You are probably well aware of the strong reputation and history BPEC has a Certification Body and provider of Training Packages in areas such as ACS Gas, Oil, Water, Electrical and Renewable Technologies. However you may not be fully aware that BPEC as an awarding body now approves colleges and training centres to deliver a […]

BPEC Map Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling Training Course

BPEC are very pleased to confirm that it has now mapped its Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling Training Course and Assessments against the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and the QCF. BPEC is now arranging 1 day update train the trainer courses for tutors who hold the existing BPEC Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling Certificate. The […]

The second water tank has been installed!

Merit Award The ladies and the rest of the community are thrilled! The second water tank has been installed and the community well is complete. There is not only a continuous supply of water to the Laundry, the community also have drinking water too! See a full collection of images from the Loma Fresca project […]

The pump option is no longer feasible..

Life Award 2012 March 2013 More progress has been made with the Cobue Health Centre project. Joanne Beales (a charity worker) visited the Cobue area and produced a comprehensive report on the local area answering questions that myself and the team had posed. The report backed up suspicions that the submersible pump option is no […]

BPEC Launch Updated LPG Manual

BPEC are delighted to announce the launch of a revised and updated LPG Changeover Training Manual which will replace the existing LPG Training manual. This full colour manual will be available from May 1st 2013 at a cost of £35 per manual for all order quantities. The manual has been revised and enhanced to ensure […]

There are just not enough hours in the day!

Development Award March 2013 I have been exceedingly busy not only with my day to day college duties but with the development of the Virtual College. I have set up a building within the College of North West London’s Open Region to promote the BPEC Life Award. I am currently busy creating videos with the […]

Stephen Dobney, Burnley College

“BPEC provide excellent personal support and guidance. Their response to any queries is fast and we know that they are only a phone call away if we need them”.

Ian Hall, Tameside College

“On behalf of the College and the Plumbing Department, I would like to thank BPEC for the exemplary service and customer care that we have received. The resources are first class, with the unit/assignment paperwork being of the highest quality and clearly shows that the consultations with centres has been used to create straight forward […]

BPEC Certification Ltd, Level 2 and Level 3 Plumbing Qualifications

Since their launch back in September 2012, there are now 20 assessment centres delivering the BPEC Certification Ltd, Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ Plumbing Qualifications across England and Wales. The feedback from centres delivering the qualifications has been very encouraging: Ian Hall of Tameside College said: “On behalf of the College and the Plumbing […]

There may be an issue gaining entry into Mozambique..

Life Award 2012 February 2013 Since winning the BPEC Charity Life Award back in Oct 2012 myself and the team and have been preparing to head out to Mozambique to see the project come to life! In December 2012 the locals in Cobue constructed the wells as it was their dry season. NG Bailey paid […]

BPEC Green Deal Advisor Training Manual

BPEC is delighted to announce the release of its new Green Deal Advisor Training Manual, which is an optional accompaniment to the BPEC level 3 Diploma in Green Deal Advice. This comprehensive, full colour training manual are now available to order at a cost of £115 per manual for all order quantities. To place an […]

It’s been an extremely busy start to the New Year..

Development Award February 2013 It’s been an extremely busy start to the year for me. I have been focusing on bringing together the equipment needed to carry the project forward. Thanks to the personal BPEC award I received, I’ve been able to purchase a MacBook Pro laptop that has incredible processing power, and is ideal […]

Our little laundry project had really captured attention!

Merit Award 2012 The day had finally arrived, Wednesday 30th January, the opening of the Loma Fresca Laundry Facility. The team made a final excursion bright and early to the builder’s merchants before the last day of work started. We were met there by Mario in his beaten up truck this had been the team’s […]

You cannot change the world, but you can change the world for a few!

Merit Award 2012 The 15 team members that remain fly back to Managua on Thursday before continuing the work in the mountains of Matagalpa and then in Managua itself and finally fly back to England next Tuesday (5th). India had commented to me how the time seems to have gone so quickly on this project […]

Thankfully, the storm in Nicaragua didn’t damage any of the hard work..

Merit Award Thankfully, the storm in Nicaragua didn’t damage any of the hard work although John Booth has been bitten on his foot and unfortunately it’s got infected. We didn’t let him work on Monday other than in an advisory capacity. The team were joined by another John (Robinson) who is a plumber from Ulster. […]

We were certainly ready for a well-earned supper!

Merit Award 2012 Saturday was a huge day for the project as there were critical points the team needed to have completed for the opening of the facility on Wednesday 30th so it’s all hands to the pump! A few members of the team walked into the town via the lumber yard to pay a […]

We have to be very patient working in the developing world..

Merit Award 2012 Nicaragua was hit by a tremendous storm therefore meaning we had to up the ante on site! To be on schedule we needed to have the upper ring beam cast and the floor should have been screeded by the time we finished work on Saturday. This would then allow us curing time […]

Sadly, the Mayor could not come..

Merit Award 2012 Progression seemed to lesson today as it was a very hot sticky day in Nicaragua however, essential preparation work was carried out and completed. All the timber was removed from the concrete cast yesterday and was cleaned ready to be used again – the team try and recycle things, including nails. During […]

The dental team are pulling in excess of 100 teeth per day!

Merit Award 2012 We have finally been blessed with a few hot dry days which has enabled us to crack on, although the work the team have been doing up until now has already been great! The painting team at Bluefields hospital have been working in oppressive conditions but have done a brilliant job in […]

BPEC Launch Revised Domestic Gas Safety Manual

BPEC are pleased to announce the launch of a new revised and updated Domestic Gas Safety Manual, replacing the existing manual. The new revised manual remains in A5 format and is now full colour and is now available to order at a cost of £45 per manual for all order quantities. The main update relates […]

The team are managing to keep their spirits high..

Merit Award 2012 Tuesday’s work involved finishing the block work and starting shuttering for the columns and the ring beam. While the steel was being put on top of the blocks in readiness for the next ring beam another group dug out the floor area to level. After completion the team were ready to receive […]

It appears the project is on schedule!

Merit Award 2012 There was a community meeting on Monday to discuss the laundry facility and who would be looking after it, further to this a vote was held to delegate a secretary to administer the facility. Unfortunately when I and some of team got onto site a little boy named Kevin had come off his […]

The team needed a day to recover!

Merit Award 2012 Day off. The team needed a day to recover from their aches so we took the opportunity to go on a boat ride through inland waterways to a village called Tasba Pauni – the village is sandwiched between Pearl Lagoon and the Caribbean. We took part in Sunday school and Church followed by […]