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BPEC Part L Energy Efficiency

BPEC have recently updated their Part L Energy Efficiency training and assessments in-line with recent updates to Part L of the building regulations. The updated training and assessment documentation is now available to Part L approved BPEC centres via the centre zone of the BPEC website. If you are interested in becoming approved by BPEC for […]

New Appointments at BPEC

BPEC are delighted to announce a number of key appointments that will continue to strengthen the BPEC team and the services offered to its customers. In June Dave Massey joins BPEC’s Awarding Organisation as Development Manager to help drive forward the growth in the qualifications offered by BPEC. June has also seen the appointment of […]

BPEC update Domestic Ventilation manual and assessments

BPEC have recently updated their Domestic Ventilation manual and assessments following consultation with a group of the major UK ventilation manufacturers; all members of BEAMA or the RVA, who work closely together as a joint training group to monitor and review the effectiveness of the BPEC Ventilation Training Manual and assessments. This move also reflects […]

2014 World Plumbing Council Scholarship Program offers up to US$20,000.00

The World Plumbing Council Chairman, Mr. Sudhakaran Nair has launched the WPC Education and Training Scholarship Program for 2014. He announced that, “2014 is the first year that two scholarship opportunities have been offered by the World Plumbing Council”, Mr. Nair said “The Scholarships provide an opportunity to increase global awareness of the contribution that […]

WaterSafe Burning the Midnight Oil Survey

BPEC along with other Plumbing industry stakeholders are currently taking part in a review of the plumbing apprentice competency requirements and to make this as effective as possible we need to fully understand the current state of the industry. In order to do this we would like to ask you to take part in a […]

Robert and Lloyd lead the way at SkillPLUMB heats…

The first two SkillPLUMB 2014 heats have got off to a flying start with apprentice Robert Carter winning the South of England heat, and Lloyd Wakefield taking first spot at the Welsh event. Robert, a student at the College of West Anglia and employed by Derek Hales Ltd, was up against eight other competitors at […]

The floors were generally in good condition

Life Award 2013 May 2014 The maternity had two sections on the BPEC project; the toilets and showers located within the postnatal ward mainly for patient use and the toilets and showers at the delivery room including staff toilet. Work required includes, wall tiling, replacement of patient showers, toilet seats. The floors were generally in […]

It really shows how many people the Life Award has impacted

Life Award 2012 Since I spoke at the BPEC Life Award presentation in October 2013 all guttering systems have now been installed to the clinic and these have now been plumbed directly to the rainwater storage tank that was constructed by the funding from the Life Award. Before the funding payment was made I had […]

The Musha Wevana team are as ready as they can be!

May 2014 Today’s the day. The team are as ready as they can be. The work on site with the geysers has been completed by the suppliers and I have been told that the pipework from the roof has been left for their connection. The inserts for the 22mm PEX pipe have been located in […]

BPEC head out to build life improving laundry facility

BPEC’s Mally Butters and George Thomson are flying out to Nicaragua to build a laundry facility which will improve the lives of Alba and her family. They are being accompanied by Richard Geary of the Peace and Hope Trust. An earthquake struck Nicaragua early on Monday (14th April 2014), damaging at least seven houses in […]

Standards of training in gas work

On Tuesday 1st April 2014 new guidance and criteria to improve standards of training in the gas industry was launched by IGEM and Energy & Utility Skills (EU Skills). The Standards of training in gas work document will affect all training providers and new industry entrants to ensure future gas workers are competent and able […]

There is ongoing work at the physiotherapy

Life Award 2013 March 2014 The toilet for the store is almost completed. Tiling and plumbing works completed with toilet seat, shower, wash hand basin and urinal fixed. Door fixed – left with lock to be mounted and the exterior and entrance to the door to be plastered. There is ongoing work at the physiotherapy […]

The operation didn’t quite look to me as though it met safety standards!

Musha Wevana March 2014 There has been considerable progress for Musha Wevana both on location and here. Working in Africa is not just a different continent; it’s a different world to here. And that’s before I have even set foot there. There is a different approach to what can be done and what can’t, a […]

BPEC Gas Foundation Candidate Result Form

BPEC have made some alterations to their Gas Foundation candidate result form. The Training Provider statement has been replaced with a revised Trainer Statement with an extra box added to the Assessment Results asking for the trainer signature. This new version has now been uploaded to the website for approved centres to download , could […]

Gas Foundation and ACS Assessment – Separation of Training and Assessment

The BPEC Gas Foundation qualifications are aimed at ‘career-changers’ who wish to work in the ‘downstream’ gas industry. Individuals that successfully complete the qualifications are eligible to go on to take the relevant ACS qualifications which then provide a route to Gas Safe Registration. BPEC offer three Gas Foundation qualifications, these are: Domestic Commercial Commercial […]

World Plumbing Day – March 11th 2014

World Plumbing day was March 11th 2014 – for more details and to watch a video message from the new Chairman of the World Plumbing Council Sudhakaran Nair please click

BPEC Support the 2014 SkillPLUMB Competition

BPEC are very pleased to once again be an official supporter of the SkillPLUMB competition. Details of the competition are below: The SkillPLUMB 2014 competition has started its search for the UK’s best apprentice plumber. During the competition, organised by the Joint Industry Board for Plumbing Mechanical Engineering Services (JIB-PMES), entrants will be judged on […]

Thank you BPEC on behalf of Bansang Hospital

The Principle Nursing Officer, doubling as Administrator, Wandifa Samateh has written a short report documenting the progression of the Bansang Hospital. Background information: Bansang Hospital is the oldest and the second largest hospital in the Gambia. The Hospital was built in 1938 during the colonial period to serve the rural population who are also considered […]

An interesting week to say the least!

Life Award 2013 28th January 2014 We spend the morning advising the owners of Luigi’s on how to use their solar thermal systems to supply their hot water and to heat the swimming pool! After advising the hospital it feels somewhat embarrassing. We are taken to the airport and the shuttle bus driver calls over […]

BPEC Level 1 Diploma in Plumbing Foundation

BPEC are pleased to announce that their Level 1 Diploma in Plumbing Foundation (601/2514/7) has been approved and is ready for centres to deliver. BPEC can now provide a suitable pathway from Level 1 to Level 3 for learners intending to work in the plumbing industry. As with the BPEC existing Level 2 and Level […]

It may not be some people’s idea of ‘paradise’

Life Award 2013 27th January 2014 Final breakfast overlooking the river – sunrise is fantastic. Stroll up to the hospital chatting to locals all the way. Review meeting with Baba Jeng – Watson led the feedback on what we had found and what we recommended. Mark followed with a description of what we found in […]

Everyone wants to meet us

Life Award 2013 26th January 2014 A much enjoyed lie-in this morning, breakfast at 8.30am (actually 9.10am in Gambia time). Anita came to collect us in the trucks after we had peanut rice for breakfast. We went to buy rice and glucose food and milk for the family we are going to see today. We […]