January 23, 2013

The team are managing to keep their spirits high..

Merit Award 2012


Tuesday’s work involved finishing the block work and starting shuttering for the columns and the ring beam. While the steel was being put on top of the blocks in readiness for the next ring beam another group dug out the floor area to level.

After completion the team were ready to receive another two and a half metres of the local dug out and crushed rock to put in as hard core. Six local lads (including twelve and thirteen year old brothers), hauled it into place and the team spread it. John, with help, dug out ready for the drainage pipe.

In addition to all that activity, 3 metres of sand was delivered. Women and children from the community went up and down like an army of ants to shift it. The milk delivery also arrived, by horse, and the locals had to come out with containers to fill up.

They really are taking ownership of this facility by their efforts. Every now and then I buy them biscuits and a drink, but when finished we celebrate with ‘Pico Time’ – these turnover filled sweet breads are a local treat and are devoured by the hungry hoards.

Bluefields is receiving rain most nights so the site is a bit of a ‘quagmire’. The team are managing to keep their spirits high in these difficult conditions watching the local kids play in the mud. The path makes a great slide – they love it! Everyone is doing well and the decorating has begun in Bluefields hospital. The team are busy buying school uniforms, card making, pulling and filling teeth and generally responding to desperate needs.

As a special moment at the end of a hard day the team had taken a ‘team GB’ football and gave it to the lads as a thanks for their help.

It was wonderful to see the tremendous excitement! The pitch wasn’t exactly Wembley, Pride Park or St. James for that matter but it was fantastic to see the fun. We played out an honourable two all draw before collapsing in a heap! Great Fun!

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