January 25, 2013

Sadly, the Mayor could not come..

Merit Award 2012

Local kids carrying timber - boy in red called 'Rambo' small

Progression seemed to lesson today as it was a very hot sticky day in Nicaragua however, essential preparation work was carried out and completed.

All the timber was removed from the concrete cast yesterday and was cleaned ready to be used again – the team try and recycle things, including nails. During this time a mix was made to set out levels for the slightly sloping floor. Extra timber arrived and the children gleefully told the team of the arrival of more materials to haul!

At lunch time we took a slight detour back to site to deliver some Zinc sheets to a family living in diabolical conditions.

In the afternoon the upper lift steel and shuttering was started ready to be cast on Friday (25th), another water tank base was also prepared.

The people who are going to be drilling the well paid a visit to the site, sadly however, the Mayor could not come as he was attending the funeral of an eleven year old boy who was strangled in a hammock…

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