January 26, 2013

We have to be very patient working in the developing world..

Merit Award 2012

Conditions at Bluefields Hospital small

Nicaragua was hit by a tremendous storm therefore meaning we had to up the ante on site! To be on schedule we needed to have the upper ring beam cast and the floor should have been screeded by the time we finished work on Saturday. This would then allow us curing time for the concrete in order to strike the shuttering on Monday (28th) and get the pilas (wash stands) and plumbing in place.

During the educational holiday period a few members of the team took the opportunity whilst the storm was raging to paint with a couple of local artists in the Vocational Centre where new plumbers have been they have been learning the ropes with BPEC educational material. It is these newly educated plumbers who will put their new skills into action with John Booth within the next week.

We have to be very patient working in the developing World sometimes – actually, most of the time.The dental work continues to be a blessing and the hospital is thrilled with their freshly decorated rooms and waiting area. The container has been frustratingly held up by bureaucracy, despite pressure from one of the main beneficiaries of the contents, Bluefields Hospital.

A fantastic afternoons effort on site saw the delivery of two metres of sand and two metres of rock transported the same very labour intensive way by the local community. Two huge mixes of concrete were made and poured into the upper ring beam and columns.

I was very proud of the teams efforts this afternoon to try and get us back on track! Although still slightly behind, we are still confident that we can deliver an on-time opening of the Loma Fresca Laundry Facility.

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