January 27, 2013

We were certainly ready for a well-earned supper!

Merit Award 2012

Water tank smallSaturday was a huge day for the project as there were critical points the team needed to have completed for the opening of the facility on Wednesday 30th so it’s all hands to the pump!

A few members of the team walked into the town via the lumber yard to pay a bill and arrange delivery of the roofing timbers and then met transport at the builder’s merchant at 7.30am. The final 600kg of cement was picked up along with a 2500 litre water tank – this will be one of a pair. The second tank will be installed by the locals at another time after they’re on-going training.

It was a bit of a challenge getting our team squeezed on the truck!

Fifteen wheelbarrows were mixed of floor screed and more rock was shifted into place. With much assistance, Stanford, the local builder, got the screed down and while it was being finished off the concrete was mixed. During this time the roof timbers also arrived and were hauled to site.

The concrete was used to complete the upper ring beam and columns, complete the base for water tank 1, form a step and drainage channel and what was left was used to repair paths, steps and an outside shower for some local houses.

All of this was done in a frenetic four and bit hours before lunch. We’re back on track!

The team traditionally have an afternoon off on the Saturday and some took the opportunity to visit the pilot bamboo house or the hospital, while a few others finished their painting efforts at the Vocational Centre which is due to re-open on the 11th February.

During the evening six of the team visited a small feeding programme that the Peace and Hope Trust supports.

We were certainly ready for a well-earned supper.

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