A Christmas with a real difference

Christmas 2013

Christmas Day – a time to relax and spend with the family, but this year was different. On Christmas Eve me (Santa) and my helpers stayed awake until the early hours, wrapping presents, blowing up balloons and preparing food for a lunch.

We made it as fun as we could, wearing Santa hats, and listening to Christmas music.

Christmas morning, the tractor was decorated for Santa, one of the store houses decorated with balloons and tinsel, and a laptop playing Christmas music while the children and their parents arrived to see Santa at 11:00am.

11:00am I arrived in my big orange tractor with helpers shaking their tambourines. As I entered the area where the children where, I was greeted by the children singing ‘Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world’.

This they sang both in Spanish and English.

How amazing to hear these words from the little children of Rama Cay, I pray they grasp the truth of the words they sang.

Next they sang ‘we wish you a Merry Christmas’, and then I danced with them to another Christmas song played on the laptop.

The children then settled (a little) to listen to the true Christmas story. With the aid of flip charts I told them the truth of Christmas. They all listened very well.

Next up was the giving out of the gifts to the children, each received a gift, and some candy. After receiving their gifts everyone went to another area where they all had something to eat for Christmas lunch.

That evening me and my helpers tired from a busy evening and day, opened our own gifts to each other, and relaxed with a Tesco luxury pudding and some Birds custard which they had brought from Ireland.

A Christmas with a real difference.

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