Customer Service Policy

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of training and certification services to the Building Services Engineering sector in the UK.

BPEC Certification Ltd. Quality Policy

BPEC Certification Ltd. is committed to providing a high quality assessment and certification service. The company has the objective of being the leader in its field, setting high standards in terms of quality, service standards and customer satisfaction and shall be able to demonstrate independence, integrity, impartiality and competence throughout the certification and awarding processes.

Customer Charter

It is our intention to provide our customers including our centres, their staff and their learners, with the very best of service, support, advice and facilitation.

BPEC Certification Ltd. is totally committed to providing our customers with the very best of service.  Below is a summary of our company commitments to our customers and which will be kept under regular review by BPEC Certification Ltd. in light of experience and feedback.

Centre Support

We will endeavor at all times to provide you (i.e. centres) with:

  • A user-friendly and supportive application process
  • Full technical support
  • An assurance of quality in respect of procedures and processes
  • An encouragement to be actively involved in making decisions that will enhance the experience for the learner
  • A turnaround of certificates from receipt of successful results within 20 working days
  • Regular meetings and assessment centre updates
  • Qualifications that have been developed with, and have the support of, the appropriate Sector Skills Council
  • An assurance that our business is conducted in a professional manner at all times, and offering you best value for money

General Support

We will endeavour at all times to:

  • Deal with all telephone and e-mail enquiries the same working day
  • Ensure a respectful, friendly and supportive attitude at all times to everyone visiting and associated with the company, in whatever capacity
  • To respond to a complaint within 5 working days
  • Deal with enquiries in relation to results and/or appeals within 5 working days
  • Listen to and respond positively, in respect of feedback and suggestion
  • Ensure that the staff and associates of the company are appropriately qualified and fit for purpose

You can contact us by:

T: 01332 376000
BPEC Certification Ltd, 1-2 Mallard Way, Derby, DE24 8GX
Office Hours: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday
Voicemail: Available outside of normal office hours.

It is BPEC Certification Ltd. policy that all enquiries will be dealt in a clear and friendly manner – with no undue delay.

Enquiries will normally be received initially by one of our customer service team on the number above and then, if necessary, transferred to the relevant member of staff

Please note, whilst we are extremely committed to responding fully to all external enquiries we are not obliged to disclose information if to do so would be a breach of confidentiality and/or any other legal duty.