February 24, 2014

An interesting week to say the least!

Life Award 2013

28th January 2014

01ed2739c9f09c1ba237dc271738da719f93b67130We spend the morning advising the owners of Luigi’s on how to use their solar thermal systems to supply their hot water and to heat the swimming pool! After advising the hospital it feels somewhat embarrassing.

We are taken to the airport and the shuttle bus driver calls over a partner and says something to him we cannot understand. He loads our bags onto a trolley and sets off into the terminal.

There’s a huge queue in there and our porter bypasses it and speaks to the security guard who makes a barrier and we are into the inner area. A second guard parts the queue and we are through and first in line at the check-in desk. It’s amazing what the names ‘Anita Smith’ and ‘Bansang’ can achieve!

Unfortunately it all goes downhill from here!

The check-in system has broken down and there is a major argument going on between a Gambian national and the check-in staff. Her luggage is 27 kilos overweight and she thinks she should not have to pay! Soon the system is repaired and we are checked in – the argument is still continuing.

Passport control turns us away; no-one told us we have to complete an immigration form like the one when we arrived to say that we are leaving.

Forms filled in and we are through to security where ‘Anita Smith’ and ‘Bansang’ once again guarantee a smooth passage apart from one security guy who promises us a trouble free passage next time if he can keep Mark’s sunglasses. Mark agrees – after all they only cost £3.50.

The flight is due to take off at 5pm and at 5pm we are still sitting in the departure lounge. It turns out that Banjul airport does not have enough fuel to fill our plane up for the full journey and the captain is busy trying to work out his options.

We take off at 5.35pm and land 2 hours later at the Tenerife filling station (Tenerife South Airport). We finally land at Gatwick at 12.30am, 1 ½ hours late.

One the road and arrive home at 4am.

An interesting week to say the least!