December 9, 2013

Anita and Nick are back in the UK!

Life Award 2013

December 2013
Anita and Nick are back in the UK however, there is a team within the Bansang Hospital who can continue working and pulling all the plans together.

The core management team (Wandifa Principle Nursing Officer, the CEO, P. Accountant, Procurement Officer) left for Banjul on Thursday 28th November to meet Laila at Malack Chemist for the £1,500 meant for the BPEC project. They arrived at Malack Chemist by 1.30pm and Laila (the owner of the chemist) was in her office with the cash amount of nine hundred thousand dalasis – this was handed over to the team.

The following day they were joined by the maintenance superintendent for purchase of items which were checked by Nick and the team from different stores along the Serekunda-Banjul highway.

All items on Nick’s list were purchased but some other items left out. The purchase for sand, gravel and cement will be done in Bansang.

The truck from CMS is to be loaded tomorrow under Dembo’s coordination as Wandifa, CEO and the team got back yesterday evening after 3 days marathon shopping.

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