November 9, 2016

Notice for BPEC Centres: Unvented Re-assessment

BPEC have received a number of candidate result sheets for Unvented Re-assessment including a validation sticker. Please be aware that the manual and validation sticker are not required for reassessment – this is charged to the centre retrospectively per candidate at £27.50.

In some cases, the manual may be required by the candidates which we appreciate, however; the handouts for reassessments that are provided via the centre login area can also be used.

BPEC would like to ensure that you are aware of this potential cost saving to yourselves (and your candidates) when taking a reassessment.

If the manual is required, then please continue to order them and process the results forms with the stickers as before. Orders can be placed via:

T: 01332 376000 (Option 3)