BPEC are delighted to announce the launch of the BPEC Working at Height Access (WaHAT) Training Course

The course has been designed with the cooperation of Turner Access and will provide an overview of the process of assessing the risk associated with particular work at height tasks to ensure that you understand the advantages and limitations of aluminium towers and that, if an aluminium tower is selected, that it is the correct choice of equipment.

The course content will cover;
• Risk Assessment
• Regulations
• Tower Configurations (Assembly of the Access Equipment)
• Dismantling the Tower
• Ties
• Maintenance


Work at Height Regulations 2005 (as amended 2007) state that “Scaffolding may be assembled, dismantled or significantly altered only under the supervision of a competent person and by persons who have received appropriate and specific training in the operations envisaged”. Following this course you will be competent to:

• Select a standard tower configuration
• Understand the need for a custom tower configuration and special design
• Carry out pre-use checks
• Safely assemble, use and dismantle different configurations of Beta Tower® with BetaGuard® using the appropriate assembly guide
• Perform pre-use checks
• Understand when to refer equipment to trained inspectors
• Understand and comply with appropriate Health and Safety regulations

BPEC are very pleased to confirm a Train the Trainer course taking place at Turner Access Training Centre, Glasgow taking place on October 1st and 2nd 2013. The cost per delegate is £325 including manual, certificate and VAT. To obtain a booking form in order to confirm a place please email info@bpec.org.uk or 0845 644 6558