April 6, 2016

BPEC Domestic Gas Safety Manual

BPEC are delighted to announce that the Combined Domestic Gas Safety Training Manual has been updated to meet all the current Legislation and Regulation changes.

The objective of this training material is to allow the candidate to practice general skill/knowledge of the Gas Safety Regulations, procedures and British Standards, which must be applied when carrying out work on gas installations.

Since 1st August 1998, proof of competence has been carried out through the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) for individual gas fitting operatives. Each operative is required to have successfully completed the assessment requirements laid down by an accredited UKAS Certification Body and then be re-assessed at periods of no more than five years.

The BPEC Services Ltd Combined Domestic Gas Safety Manual is intended to provide the training required to support proving competence in this area.

Product Description

This manual covers core gas safety and the gas appliances generally worked on by the majority of engineers and will prepare individuals to confidently undertake the ACS assessments for these activities. The manual consists of 20 technical modules as well as an Introduction explaining ACS and how to use the materials. There is also a Knowledge Manual, which has a series of sample questions to test your knowledge before you complete the ACS assessments to enable you to apply for Gas Safe registration.

If you would like to purchase this manual please visit our website or call the BPEC team on 01332 376000 (Option 3).