BPEC Endorsed Approval

Validate your courses with BPEC Endorsed Approval

BPEC Endorsed Approval is for employers, colleges and organisations who want to raise the standards of their own training activities.

When seeking approval to offer a BPEC Endorsed Course, you must demonstrate a process of how you inform the end user of the difference between a regulated qualification and an endorsed course, and how the learner might progress once achieved.

BPEC will review and provide guidance to confirm quality assurance of your own course, enabling the course to have aims, objectives and clear learning outcomes when being delivered to learners. Upon learners’ completion of your course, they will achieve formal recognition with a BPEC Endorsed Certificate.

Give your courses the recognition they deserve!

BPEC considers the content of your industry related courses and endorses it where certain requirements are met:

  • Clear learning outcomes set.
  • Teaching and learning time appropriate to learning outcomes.
  • Thorough and accurate training material.
  • Appropriate delivery model.
  • Records of attendance on request.
  • Learning checks have taken place (or is this just noted as good practice).
  • Is not a certificate of competence/licence to practice.

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Download the BPEC Endorsed Approval flyer

Gaining BPEC Endorsed Approval

To become a BPEC Endorsed Course provider, please download the application form and email to AOadmin@bpec.org.uk or call 01332 376000.