November 14, 2023

BPEC Fire Emergency and Security Systems (FESS) Sector – The UK’s First Successful Experienced Worker Assessment

BPEC is proud to announce the first experienced worker in the UK has successfully completed the FESS Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA).

Sam Manton who works for Spire Security Ltd., a London based company, attended Banham Academy’s Assessment Centre in Derby, where he undertook the practical assessment, professional discussion, and knowledge assessment. Sam’s assessment took place on Friday 10 November 2023, only after meeting the pre-requisite requirements to hold the FESS Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) FESS operative card and presenting supporting evidence, demonstrating he has been working in industry for over five years.

Sam said of his experience “The facilities were comfortable, and the assessor put me at ease. The day was intense and at the end of it, I knew I had gone through a rigorous assessment, but finding out I passed, made the hard work worthwhile. I would like to thank my employer, Spire, for supporting me, and I’m now looking forward to applying for my ECS Gold Card. I never had the opportunity to undertake a Fire and Security apprenticeship; I am extremely proud of being the first person in the UK to successfully complete this assessment process, and now being able to demonstrate the professional level at which I work.”   

The assessment allows experienced professionals, like Sam, to demonstrate they meet the same stringent standards as those completing the FESS apprenticeship standard in England and achieve Electrotechnical Certification Scheme FESS Systems Technician status.

Matt Skelding, Head of Operations and Development, expressed his pride in BPEC’s latest accomplishment, stating, “This marks a significant milestone in the FESS sector. This achievement is the culmination of nearly a year’s dedicated development work, rigorously reviewed and approved by the ECS Technical Evaluation Group and ratified by the ECS Steering Committee. In the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy, demonstrating competence has become increasingly crucial. The ECS have recognised and approved this assessment as a pathway to achieving the coveted ECS gold card. I am immensely proud of BPEC, once again leading the way in assessing and certifying competence in industry.”

Trevor Jenks, National Training Manger for SSAIB said “The EWA offers an excellent platform for SME professionals to display their knowledge, skills, and behaviour, acknowledging their extensive years of dedication. It serves a dual purpose: not only does it fulfil the crucial requirement of evidencing competence standards, but it also delivers a commercial advantage. Companies can efficiently showcase a skilled and competent workforce to clients and main contractors, enhancing their market standing.” 

For over three decades, BPEC has diligently evaluated, advanced, and certified the expertise of thousands of individuals within the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector.

If you are an assessment centre interested in delivering the FESS Experienced Worker Assessment, please contact for more information.