July 1, 2013

BPEC raise £565 for Charity!

BPEC raise £565 for Derby based Charity, Safe and Sound!

In April, 9 members of the BPEC team took part in the annual Derby 10K to raise money for the Safe and Sound Charity. In total, £565 was raised which is a fantastic achievement!


Nathalie Walters (CEO Safe & Sound) expressed her thanks and told us a little bit more about what the Charity do and how our money can help them.

What they do

Safe & Sound Derby works to end child sexual exploitation, a form of child sexual abuse.  Any child could be a victim regardless of their background.  As well as by initially meeting young people face-to-face, access to digital technology means that the dangers to children have increased; abusers can contact children through Bluetooth technology, in chat rooms, on social networking sites and through online gaming.

Child sexual exploitation has a huge impact on the lives of young victims; for example they are at risk of sexual and physical violence, ill health, teenage pregnancy, loss of friendships, and their education is likely to suffer.  In addition, young people who are being groomed for sexual exploitation often distance themselves from their family; the perpetrators of this abuse try to break down relationships between parents and their children. Parents can feel powerless and isolated, putting more strain on the family.

By providing support to at risk children and young people in Derby, and their families Safe & Sound makes sure that:

• Children and young people are better able to keep themselves safe, reducing the risk of sexual exploitation.

• Parents have a better understanding of what sexual exploitation is and its impact on their child, helping them to further protect their son or daughter and support the family unit.

How the money helps

• £10 enables them to buy the resources needed for one one-to-one session with a young person.

• £75 enables them to run one parent support group for up to 10 parents.

• £500 enables them to deliver awareness raising sessions to around 200 young people to help them to stay safe.

• £1,250 enables them to support one young person at risk for one year.


“If I saw someone suffering the way I did I’d send them to Safe & Sound. They have really helped me; I am stronger, more confident and feel better within myself. The people here are amazing.” Young man, 2010

“From the initial shock of finding out my daughter had been sexually exploited, the many meetings with police, social care etc. to going through the legal system and court process, Safe & Sound have been there for me EVERY step of the way. Safe & Sound offer so much more than just support, it’s the knowledge they have given me in understanding the grooming process and in turn my daughter’s behaviour that is immeasurable.  I cannot thank them enough.” Mum, 2012.

For more information on Safe and Sound click here