January 20, 2014

BPEC Team fly out to visit The Bansang Hospital

Life Award 2013

BPEC’s Dave Pollard is today flying out to visit Anita Smith, winner of the 2013 Life Award, at The Bansang Hospital in The Gambia. Dave is one of a team of three volunteers heading out from the UK to offer their expertise. He will be joined by Mark Antrobus and Watson Carlill, two of BPEC’s Trustees.

It’s -2 in London at the moment and 24 in Bansang but Dave suggests it will probably rise by 10 there! It will be a truly moving experience for them all – they are excited if a little apprehensive! The team hope to keep us updated as often as they can depending on availability of internet!

Dave kept a diary of the works carried out during their time in Bansang To read about this project go to the BPEC Travel blog.