July 1, 2014

One earthquake last night

Tuesday 15th April

Good nights sleep of 5 hours and all ready to go! We had to stay in the bottom bunks because it was safer. We thought we heard rain during the night however, it was the volcano rumbling! One earthquake last night, 4.2 but didn’t feel a thing!

Travelling to Bluefields, only 10 hours in jeep.

Loaded up the van and on the way we stopped to collect seeds from the Moringa tree – one of the most nutritious trees on the planet, these will be planted in Bluefields.

It wasn’t supposed to rain – we had to stop to buy plastic sheeting. There were some bad roads along the way but Nesta their driver was fantastic. Amazing views of the countryside along the way.

The plastic sheeting wasn’t the success it could have been! The contents of the cases were damp (to say the least).

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