April 26, 2023

Eastleigh College chooses BPEC for Gas Engineering & Plumbing End-point Assessments

To celebrate choosing BPEC for its Gas Engineering and Plumbing End-point Assessments going forwards, Eastleigh College hosted a visit by BPEC’s CEO, Neil Collishaw and BPEC’s SkillPLUMB Technical Lead, Paul Dodds, MBE this week.

Eastleigh College, a BPEC Approved Centre for gas engineering and plumbing and heating training and assessments, has enjoyed an excellent working partnership with BPEC over the years. During the visit Neil and Paul met with Gary Hancox – Head of Delivery (Gas & Plumbing) to understand more about their current and future needs and discuss how BPEC can better support them.

“We were delighted to welcome Neil and Paul to our facility. Our longstanding relationship with BPEC and our decision to use it for End-point Assessments is testament to the way that the BPEC team has supported us over the years. BPEC is an excellent partner and great to work with!” said Gary.

Neil and Paul also had the chance to meet the new Plumbing and Gas Assessment team and learn of the exciting projects and initiatives happening at the Centre. Eastleigh has recently installed new Heat Pump training bays for use delivering BPECs Heat Pump qualifications to upskill plumbing and heating engineers.

Neil said, “We’re delighted that the college has chosen BPEC for its Gas Engineering and Plumbing End-point Assessments! We had a fantastic day meeting the management and tutors and getting a full tour including the new Heat Pump training bays, which will be used for BPEC students.”

“Eastleigh College is a principal BPEC Centre and its always useful to discuss a Centre’s future needs, so we can deliver the best possible customer service.”


Eastleigh College is a leading UK technical and professional college with an ambitious vision for the College’s future. Learners from across the country choose to study at Eastleigh every year because it continues to develop a wide range of programmes to provide the skills and knowledge for a highly rewarding future.

BPEC is an industry leading specialised provider of qualifications, assessments, training courses and learning materials. It is a unique organisation led by employers for the benefit of the Plumbing, Heating, Gas and wider energy sector and all surplus funds generated by its activities are re-invested by The BPEC Charity.  www.bpec.org.uk

For more information call 01332 376000 or email info@bpec.org.uk