What makes BPEC different?

A professional assurance that an apprentice meets the requirements of the standard and is occupationally competent

Specialist Provider

We are a specialist provider of qualifications, assessments and training to the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector since 1997

Continually Re-investing

We continually re-invest back into the plumbing and heating industry through The BPEC Charity.

Raising Standards

Flexible and agile, our focus is on working with employers, colleges, professionals and apprentices to raise standards and deliver exceptional quality to plumbing, heating, and gas industries.

Always Available to Help

A friendly personalised service: fast and responsive, our EPA experts are always available to help and advise you.

Contact Us

For all enquiries on the End-point Assessment solution contact BPEC at epa@bpec.org.uk

Call us on 01332 376000

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