Your EPA journey with BPEC

The BPEC roadmap to End-Point Assessment and beyond is focused, cost-effective and efficient – a highly professional route for you and your apprentice. Find out more in our FAQs here.

On-programme support includes a Preparation Toolkit that uses all the assessment methodologies that an apprentice will experience during their End-point Assessment.

You can choose BPEC as your End-point Assessment Organisation even if you are using an alternative course provider.

Step 01

BPEC Your Assessment Organisation

BPEC End-point Assessment experts are here to answer your questions, including discussions on scope, activity, and pricing. We are happy to present our credentials and client/apprentice references.

Step 02

The Right Contractual Arrangements

Once you have completed the BPEC apprentice request form we will then draft an apprentice contract which is shaped around your requirements and includes agreed fees for the End-point Assessment registration and assessment delivery.

Step 03

EPA Registration

Once the contracts are agreed, and the registration fee has been paid, the process is complete for your designated apprentice. We then send EPA supporting information and the documentation, and organise a meeting to discuss ongoing activity and guidance.

The earlier you engage with BPEC the more support and guidance your lecturers and apprentices receive for the EPA requirements.

Step 04

EPA Planning, Workshops and Ongoing Support

BPEC’s EPA packages include End-point Assessment preparation and support materials. In addition, we have also developed our new EPA preparation tool kits which include mock multi-choice tests, practice tasks, and more. They are designed to ensure the apprentice is familiar and confident in the process and methodologies used to confirm competence. By the time they reach gateway, the apprentice will be ‘assessment ready’.

Step 05

Providing Evidence and the Gateway

BPEC delivers training providers with ongoing guidance and advice on the gateway requirements for each standard. This includes planning documentation that highlights key dates where evidence is to be presented for gateway verification, such as Level 2 Maths, Level 2 English and qualification certificates – plus evidence submission that will be required once the apprentice passes the gateway to EPA.

Step 06

EPA Booking and Amendments

We are highly responsive and flexible, scheduling EPAs when you need them: we go the extra mile to fit in with what works for you. If you have to change your plans, just contact your designated Key Account Manager.

Step 07

End-point Assessment

BPEC EPA looks at multiple aspects of apprentice knowledge, skills and behaviours including assessing their experience, attitudes, and behaviour through a combination of one-to-one interviews, examinations, competency tests and interviews.

Results, Certification & Next Steps

Once the apprentice successfully completes their EPA and quality assurance has taken place, BPEC inform the apprentice, employer and provider of the result. We claim the apprenticeship certificate via the IfATE on your behalf. The IfATE send out the certification directly to the employer. The ILR will require updating so completion payments can be claimed via the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Contact Us

For all enquiries on the End-point Assessment solution contact BPEC at

Call us on 01332 376000

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