August 23, 2016

Diary of a New Centre

In 2017 we will see new a centre opening in Stourbridge.

Elements Training and Assessment (ETA)

Matthew Stonehouse (owner and partner) will be managing and running the centre. Matthew, a plumber and gas engineer, has worked in training for the last 5 years helping gas engineers renew their qualifications and also teaching new apprentices, helping them to qualify and build their own future.

The new centre will become a hub of training excellence. The ETA facilities are currently being renovated by Matthew and his team; with a lot of help from Matthew’s father, Ian Stonehouse.

BPEC will be documenting the centre’s progress, particularly the building’s transition, via our Facebook and the website. Construction activities to date have included (see images below):

  • A mezzanine floor
  • Plastering
  • Full rewiring
  • Training bay and classrooms allocations

On-site parking will also be available for candidates.

Becoming Approved

As a BPEC Approved Centre you will be part of the UK’s leading network of quality education and training providers.

Please do not hesitate to contact the BPEC team if we can help you.

ETA Test