Centre FAQs

How do I become a BPEC Approved Centre?

BPEC offer Certification, Qualifications, Assessments and Learning Materials in a range of areas such as Gas, Plumbing, Oil, Electrical and Renewable Energy. As a BPEC Approved Centre you will be part of the UK’s leading network of quality education and training providers. To become a BPEC Approved Centre please register your details here and we will ensure you are contacted accordingly. Alternatively you can call us on 01332 376000.

How can I extend the range of products and services our college/centre offers?

If you would like to extend your range of products and services we have a team of dedicated technical experts that can guide you through the process. Please contact the BPEC Team and speak with the relevant department.

Can I move to BPEC from another Certification Body/Awarding organisation?

Yes – It couldn’t be easier and you’ll gain the following benefits:

  • Excellent and responsive customer service
  • Extensive range of user-friendly support and guidance materials
  • Online aptitude tests to assess new learners
  • Clear and accurate assessment and examination documentation
  • Partnering with the Industry leading name for Learning

Please contact the BPEC Team and let us work together to support you.