End-point Assessment FAQs

What is End-point Assessment?

End-point assessment (EPA) tests the knowledge, skills and behaviours that an apprentice has gained during their training. Unique to each standard, EPA demonstrates the competence of an apprentice in their role. This competence is valued by current and future employers.

You can find EPA plans on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s (the Institute) website. Only approved EPAOs can carry out assessments as set out in the assessment plan.

Further guidance can be found using the link HERE to the GOV.UK website.

What is the Gateway?

Gateway takes place before an EPA can start. The employer and training provider will review their apprentice’s knowledge, skills and behaviours to see if they have met the minimum requirements of the apprenticeship set out in the apprenticeship standard, and are ready to take the assessment.

Further guidance on pre and post gateway requirements can be found using the link HERE to the GOV.UK website.

What is the Gateway evidence?

Gateway evidence requirements are set out in the standard and its associated assessment plan. Evidence may include:

  • Level 2 Maths
  • Level 2 English
  • Employer confirmation of readiness (this could include employer declarations or three-way agreements)
  • Qualification certificates, where an on-programme qualification is included within the standard
  • Competent persons scheme membership.

Other evidence may be required at the same time gateway evidence is provided. This will be dependent on the standard and its associated assessment plan. Please contact epa@bpec.org.uk for further information.

Who decides an apprentice is ready for Gateway EPA?

When an apprentice reaches the planned gateway date, their employer should hold a final meeting with their training provider to discuss if the apprentice is ready to sit their EPA.

The employer, apprentice and training provider review the apprentices progress and performance against the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the standard. An employer declaration or three-way agreement is then completed and provided along with other gateway evidence.

Further guidance can be found using the link HERE to the GOV.UK website under the heading Who is responsible for passing an apprentice through gateway?

How long is the typical EPA period?

Generally 3 months, however the exact EPA period is detailed in each apprenticeship standard.

Who will claim the EPA apprentice completion certificate?

BPEC will claim the apprentice’s completion certificate via the Apprenticeship Assessment Services portal. We do not issue completion certificates directly.

Delivery of certificates can take up to 15 working days after the request for printing.

What is an EPAO?

An EPAO is approved by the IFATE to deliver EPA and is included on the Register of End Point Assessment Organisation (RoEPAO).

What EPA standards are BPEC approved to deliver?

BPEC are approved to deliver EPA for the following standards:

Please follow the links above for further information on the individual standards and their associated assessment plans.

How is the EPAO selected?

Employers should choose an EPAO at the same time as choosing a training provider. However, if the EPAO has not been selected by the employer, then the training provider should prompt the employer to select an EPAO early on, (training providers may do this on the employer’s behalf where the employer has given permission).

Further guidance can be found on the roles and responsibilities of employers and training providers using the link HERE to the GOV.UK website.

Who completes/invigilates the EPA online knowledge exam?

EPA online knowledge exams are administered using the training providers exams facility. This can be invigilated either remotely or in person by a BPEC approved independent end point assessors/invigilator.

Note: Centres cannot invigilate EPA online knowledge exams.

What will my apprentice need on the day of EPA?

The apprentice will need to arrive at the agreed time ready to start the assessments. They must be wearing the correct PPE, such as work wear and safety boots. A form of ID, such as a passport, driving licence, college pass, or competent persons card are all accepted.

All tools and materials for the assessments are provided. Apprentices will not be allowed to use their own tools or equipment.

What are BPEC EPA fees?

Please email epa@bpe.org.uk for further information. We are happy to provide our latest fees list and any other information you require.

How do I become a BPEC approved Independent End-point Assessor (IEPA)?

Please follow the link Join the Team where information is provided around the application process. Further links are also provided to the person specifications for each standard and an application form. Please forward all application forms to epa@bpec.org.uk .

How do I make contact for further information?

Please contact BPEC using the email epa@bpec.org.uk.

How do we become an approved EPA centre?

If a training provider wishes to become an approved BPEC EPA centre, please send initial inquiries to epa@bpec.org.uk.