There may be an issue gaining entry into Mozambique..

Life Award 2012

February 2013


Since winning the BPEC Charity Life Award back in Oct 2012 myself and the team and have been preparing to head out to Mozambique to see the project come to life! In December 2012 the locals in Cobue constructed the wells as it was their dry season. NG Bailey paid for the first well through their own charitable fund – the second well, including hand pumps is to be paid for through the funding from the Life Award.

BPEC Chairman Frank Glover and Chief Executive Paul Johnson met with myself before Christmas to talk about the project. Peg Cumberland – the British doctor working in Mozambique – also attended this meeting. Peg returned to Mozambique shortly after this and now my main correspondence is with a lady named Rebecca, a colleague of Peg’s in Mozambique.

I had suggested that instead of installing the submersible pump, hand pumps are fitted to both wells allowing full concentration on the rainwater harvesting system (by this point they will then have supplied two effective, clean drinking water supplies). I feel that there are many issues with regards to the submersible pump option due to the new locations of the wells, logistical aspects of transporting the pumps, digging the trench etc. The hand pumps can be sourced locally and the team have received a cost for these along with the cost of the second well construction.

A representative from Water Aid visited Cobue mid-February and I have requested they supply info from the survey they will be carrying out.

Peg mentioned there may be an issue with gaining entry into Mozambique if the team are intending to directly work while there as this would prove difficult. What I have now suggested is that the team of 3/4 will go out to assist/teach/guide locals to install the installation and establish long term communications.

I hope the guttering will be sourced locally and installed to the two buildings prior to arrival, the water storage vessels will also be obtained locally and be in place on arrival.

The water fittings (down-pipe, connections to tank, valves etc) are to be sent to Rebecca in Mozambique in advance before the party go out – Rebecca has said this is a reliable process.

Terrain to supply and assist in rainwater fittings with set up in mock up in place beforehand

Doctor Peg has advised that there could be issues regarding transporting equipment – they want to avoid this as it has the potential to keep the team in airports etc for a number of days. Myself and the team are aiming to go to Mozambique in August 2013 although Rebecca has sent us alternative travel arrangements if we are not transporting equipment.

Although we have been facing some difficulties our spirits are still high!

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