Howzat! BPEC Sport Awards helps Somerset plumber

A self-employed domestic plumbing and heating engineer, who dedicates his spare time to improving youth cricketing skills, has received support from the BPEC Sport Awards to help enhance his coaching.

Anthony Millett, of ADM Plumbing Solutions, volunteers at the Ilminster Cricket Club in Somerset and is a Level 2 qualified children’s coach. With training nights seeing anywhere between 50 to 60 budding young cricketers at the club, Anthony applied to the BPEC Sport Awards to seek help in resourcing the sessions.

His application was approved and he was delighted to receive a comprehensive coaching kit including balls, stumps, nets, bats and a host of other training gear for him to use with the Under 8s, 10s, 11s and 12s teams.

“This Award has been absolutely fantastic, I’m over the moon to have received it,” said Anthony.

“It’s great to see so much enthusiasm from the local youth, but our existing supplies were limited for the growing numbers we’re experiencing. With this award I can make sure the training is properly resourced and I have the right piece of kit for the session I’m running.”

The BPEC Sport Awards provides support to individual or teams connected to the UK plumbing and heating industry that are involved in sport and would benefit from a financial grant to assist them attaining a higher level of knowledge, skill and achievement in their chosen field.

Activities that could be supported include the achievement of a coaching award, reaching a higher level of sporting skill, or accessing specialist coaching/equipment to enhance sporting skills.

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