May 9, 2014

It really shows how many people the Life Award has impacted

Life Award 2012

Since I spoke at the BPEC Life Award presentation in October 2013 all guttering systems have now been installed to the clinic and these have now been plumbed directly to the rainwater storage tank that was constructed by the funding from the Life Award. Before the funding payment was made I had asked for photographic evidence of the completed tanks as a means of quality checking, these were provided and the first constructed rainwater tank is now fully operational.

Alongside the construction of the tanks, in order to create a lasting legacy a step by step guide has been produced (in Portuguese) around the first tank installation that can be used for all future rainwater collection tanks in the area.

The Life Award has enabled us to go from no personnel in the area having any experience in rainwater tank construction to training eighteen locals in these skills and producing a long lasting guide to the wider community.

I asked Rebecca, my contact in Mozambique, for a guide as to how many locals had been involved in the process for both the well and tank construction and below was the response:

With regard to the local people who were involved in the project Patricio, our water and sanitation technician, tells me that for the well 3 fieldworkers (salaried by the Diocese) were involved, plus, around 15 people from each of the 4 neighbourhoods in Cobue helped with manual labour and construction. So, 3 + 60 local people. For the RWH tank there were 18 people who were trained and working technically on the construction plus 4/5 people a day from the community to help with manual labour so I estimate a total of around 18 + 40 = 58 people, though I can’t be sure that the 4/5 people a day were always different.

It really shows how many people the Life Award has had an impact on with regards to educating.

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