April 26, 2013

The pump option is no longer feasible..

Life Award 2012

March 2013


More progress has been made with the Cobue Health Centre project. Joanne Beales (a charity worker) visited the Cobue area and produced a comprehensive report on the local area answering questions that myself and the team had posed. The report backed up suspicions that the submersible pump option is no longer feasible for either of the two wells due to the depth of the wells and the new distance from the wells at the health centre; and the logistical challenges with regards to the importing the pumps.

We have now decided to go with the option of locally sourced hand pumps on each of the wells – this will provide a cleaner source of water to what is currently used also within a closer proximity to the health centre. I will be looking at further filtration options with regards to this for when we fly out. I am awaiting the final cost for the two hand pumps and the second well.

We are seeking a local specialist in Mozambique/Malawi to advise/construct with the locals the two ferro-cement water tanks for the rainwater system. Joanne and Peg are establishing a local contact with regards to this and will then provide a cost for this also.

We feel the ferro-cement option is the better choice as opposed to the plastic route due to the vast increase in size with regards to this and the reduction in maintenance costs.

The guttering is obtainable locally and we are currently working on the final design. Rainwater fittings can also be obtained locally in Lichinga, approx. 4 hour drive from Cobue.

A company called Terrain have offered to supply aspects of the down pipe including filtration that will be transported with the team to install with the locals.

The initial visit plan that we have produced is to begin on Sat 17th August, ending on Saturday 24th August when we will land in Heathrow and head back home.

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