BPEC Meter Foundation

The UK Smart Metering Program helps meet the demand for new Gas Engineers entering the industry to work on the ongoing Smart Meter exchange program being conducted by the UK energy providers.

BPEC now offer a Managed Learning Programme dedicated to candidates who wish to join the industry specifically to carry out meter work.

The BPEC Meter Foundation has recently been approved by the ACS scheme operator E&U Skills as a suitable pre-requisite for a Category 1 applicant for the CMA1, MET1 and MET2 assessments and will be included in Guidance Note 8.

The BPEC Meter Foundation comprises of a series of gas safety training courses. The courses have been designed to provide a route into the gas industry for individuals who do not currently hold the pre-requisite qualifications necessary to qualify to undertake assessments under the Accredited Certification Scheme for Individual Gas Fitting Operatives (ACS).

The duration of the training programme is flexible and is dependent upon the candidate gaining sufficient “on the job” and “off the job” experience. A typical “off the job” (Classroom) training programme will take the average candidate approximately 28 days to complete. There is an additional 7 hours if needed for portfolio building or discussion.

The BPEC Meter Foundation will consist of; 196 guided learning hours as well as the completion of the candidate portfolio of work experience and must provide evidence of a range or work experience representative of a minimum of 420 hours (12 weeks).