New Zealand Institute of Central Heating partners with BPEC to raise standards

Driving best practice through training: raising the standard for the installation of Hydronic Underfloor Heating in New Zealand

At BPEC we have been working with the New Zealand Institute of Central Heating (NZICH) on a new training scheme designed to raise standards. There is no current regulation on standards for hydronic heating in New Zealand for installers and end users to work to, and check against, to ensure the best possible systems are installed.

“Our mission is to improve the industry through best practice and training,” says Paul Woodgate, NZICH Secretary. “Working with BPEC, we now have an accredited Underfloor Heating (UFH) Installer One course that will provide installers with a four-year accreditation. It also means we can approach architects and builders to develop greater knowledge and understanding of the right ways to design and install UFH.”

NZICH is a community of industry leaders providing technical information and experience, representing those responsible for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of central heating systems.

Paul says, “I had previous experience of BPEC as an installer and also instructing on UFH courses, so I knew BPEC had a training programme we could adapt. They provided UK manuals and presentations to develop the New Zealand version, which covers all the main points in terms of British Standards while adding the features that are unique to how houses are built here. BPEC was flexible in the technical language, to reflect the differences in New Zealand while ensuring the training content remained rigorous. We can now be consistent in the terms used.”

NZICH recently completed a pilot programme with eight candidates undergoing training and assessment. The full launch is planned for September 2021.

“We were keen to work with NZICH and help raise the standards of hydronic heating installation in New Zealand, an approach that aligns with our values,” says Mally Butters, BPEC’s Business Area Manager. “We are looking forward to developing our relationship – working together can only benefit NZICH and the sector in New Zealand by improving quality and skills.”

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