June 15, 2018

New Part L (Energy Efficiency) Course

This course covers the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations.

This new course has been updated to cover the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide 2013 and 2018 requirements, ErP and the Boiler Plus legislation.

ErP (Energy related Products) energy efficiency rating will require all gas boiler types, together with mandatory time and temperature control to achieve a minimum ErP rating of 92%.

Combination boiler installations must now include a minimum of one of the following controls – flue gas heat recovery, smart controls, weather compensation, load compensation.

Installers who fail to install boilers to the new building regulations will be breaking the law and could face possible fines by building control.

Home owners who have work undertaken that does not comply with the new building regulations could also face possible fines.

If you are interested in running the new updated BPEC Energy Efficiency course, please contact the BPEC Certification Team on 01332 376000.