Meter Foundation Candidate Portfolio


The BPEC Meter Foundation Candidate portfolio contains comprehensive details of the managed learning programme for candidates undertaking training for CMA1, MET1 and MET2 and a means to record all “on the job” and “off the job” training that they undertake. This evidence is vital to prove sufficient knowledge and experience to undertake the relevant ACS assessments.

Upon purchase of the portfolio and completion of the BPEC Meter Foundation training, the candidate will be issued a BPEC Meter Foundation certificate, which will qualify him/her to undertake the relevant domestic ACS assessments. The cost of the certificate is incorporated into the price of the portfolio.

The portfolio includes:

1.Trainee Introduction (How to use the Portfolio/’Off the Job’ Programme of Study)
2. Notes and Declarations
3. ‘On the Job’ – Job Detail Sheets
4. ‘Off the Job’ – Job Detail Sheets
5. ‘On the Job’ Evidence Records
6. ‘Off the Job’ Notes, exercises and handouts
7. Assessment Records and Completion Declarations
8. Useful Industry Contacts
9. Appendices: Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998


Please contact BPEC directly on 01332 376000 or email if you wish to purchase this product. Please note that this portfolio can only be purchased by BPEC approved centres and colleges.

Delivery of this portfolio within the UK is included in the price.

Standard UK delivery is 1-5 working days. Orders of 20+ manuals make take longer so please order in plenty of time for your course.


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