May 12, 2017

Funding of BPEC Qualifications

Funding The Department for Education (DFE) do not plan to withdraw funding for non-performance table (RQF/QCF legacy) qualifications until the implementation of the Skills Plan.

As a result, BPEC’s Level 2 and Level 3 Plumbing Foundations will continue to be eligible for funding.


Level 2 and 3 Plumbing Foundations

Both qualifications provide an excellent entry into the Plumbing industry. Following successful completion, learners can top up their qualification to a NVQ (once a work placement has been secured) in order to become fully qualified.

Units covered on the Level 2 Plumbing Foundation are constituents of:

Units covered on the Level 3 Plumbing Foundation are constituents of:

Therefore, both qualifications provide evidence to a prospective employer that a candidate could complete a NVQ/ apprenticeship framework.

If you wish to become approved to deliver any of BPEC’s qualifications please contact the Awarding Organisation:

T: 01332 376000 (Option 2)