Awareness of Environmental Technologies

Assessment Information

Against a background of constantly rising fuel bills, this course is designed to provide a background to renewable energy heating and energy technologies for anyone who may find it of interest, such as householders, housing associations, teachers, local building control officers, housing developers or installers wanting to know more before committing themselves to a full course.



Further Information

Participants are tested on their knowledge at the end of the course via a theory based assessment.

Depending on their existing skills and qualifications, candidates may want to progress to either the Full or Defined Scope courses (for example, heating engineers could undertake the full Solar Thermal Hot Water course, or architects the Defined Scope Solar Thermal Hot Water course).

Expiry Information

Certificates are normally valid for 5 years.

Useful Information

The aim is to explain what each technology can and can’t do, and covers costs, payback periods, available grants and more.

Training Materials

It consists of 9 modules which cover:

Module 1 – Introduction to renewable energy
Module 2 – Solar Thermal Heating
Module 3 – Biomass Heating Systems
Module 4 – Heat Pumps
Module 5 – Wind power
Module 6 – Photovoltaics
Module 7 – Micro-hydro power
Module 8a – Rainwater Harvesting
Module 8b – Greywater reuse
Module 9 – microCombined Heat & Power

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