CO Gas Safety Awareness

Assessment Information

This Carbon Monoxide (CO) awareness course contains information which will raise the awareness of the dangers associated with carbon monoxide. This course is ideal for delivery to organisations that have responsibility for maintaining gas safety in their properties such as local authorities, hospitals and landlords. The assessment involves a small number of questions to answer at the end of the awareness training.


There are no pre-requisites for this course as it is a non-installer course. Stephanie Trotter OBE, President & Director of the charity CO-Gas Safety, was inspired to create the course after the death of a registered gas installer Matthew Nixon aged 22 in 2010. Matthew had died from CO from using a petrol generator indoors to power his tools. He had been in the gas industry from the age of 16. Therefore in the opinion of the charity registered gas installers could also undertake this course. Please note that the deaths of Kelly Webster (36) and Lauren Thornton (10) in 2013 were caused in 2013 by another registered gas installer (petrol generator in a boat on Lake Windermere).

Further Information

The course has been developed by ex British Gas investigator and trainer Roland Johns in conjunction with independent registered charity, CO-Gas Safety, The Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society founded in 1995. The charity has collected, collated and published data on deaths and injuries from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning from all fuels since 01/09/1995. Please see

As this is awareness training the certificate will not lead to anything but will act as proof of attendance and understanding of the dangers of CO. The course could also save your life, those of your loved ones and clients.

Expiry Information

There is no expiry for this awareness training but we recommend you consider retaking it after five years. The course is reviewed annually.

Useful Information

The material produced will serve both as a means of learning as well as a tool of reference. The course objectives of this awareness are to enable delegates to understand the dangers of CO and how CO can affect you.

Training Materials

The training course covers:

  • Are you at risk from carbon monoxide?
  • Carbon monoxide facts, products of combustion and what is carbon monoxide
  • Combustion/flues and chimneys (not gas training)
  • Why is carbon monoxide so toxic?
  • How quickly CO can kill.
  • What fuels and appliances can produce CO and what causes CO to be produced
  • How to prevent CO being produced
  • How can you tell if CO is present?
  • The effects of CO on the body
  • The symptoms of CO poisoning and diagnosing CO poisoning
  • Landlords’ Responsibilities
  • Carbon monoxide alarms, the need to use alarms to EN 50291 and emergency procedures

How to prove which appliance emitted CO and how many parts per million by finding a registered gas installer qualified under CMDDA1.

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