Combination & High Efficiency Boilers

Assessment Information

The course for the installation and maintenance of Combination and High Efficiency Boilers aim to develop an understanding of these appliances in order to service and maintain them, with a number of training modules covering:

  • Installation of combination and high efficiency boilers.
  • The different types available.
  • The operational components.
  • Operation of different types of boiler.
  • Using a multimeter to identify working and defective components.
  • Identifying and rectifying electrical faults on these boilers.

Trainees must hold a recognised trade qualification and a minimum ACS CCN1 and CEN1 certificate. A working knowledge of central heating systems is essential.

This course is for experienced plumbing and heating installers wanting a better understanding of these increasingly complicated appliances for their day to day work.

Further Information

Assessments normally consist of a combination of practical and theory examinations which will take approximately two hours.

This short programme is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge you require to install, maintain and repair modern high efficiency and combination gas appliances.

Expiry Information

Certificates are normally valid for 5 years.

Useful Information

This short programme concentrates mainly on:

  • High efficiency and combination boiler installation
  • High efficiency and combination boiler system components
  • High efficiency and combination boiler fault finding
Training Materials

The manual forms part of a 2½ day tutor-led training programme in approved training centres, using modules going from the basics of making sure an installation meets all requirements through the different control and operating systems to fault finding on boilers, and including a significant element of practical work.

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