NVQ Diploma in Plumbing and Heating (Level 2)

Qualification Title

BPEC Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Plumbing and Heating

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Support Information

Purpose Statement

Letter of Support – CIPHE

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Assessment Information

This is a nationally recognised qualification and is designed for new entrants to the plumbing and heating industry, providing them with the essential knowledge and skills required.

Unit Details

Core Units

  • J/602/2479 Understand and carry out safe working practices in Building Services Engineering
  • J/602/2482 Understand how to communicate with others within Building Services Engineering
  • D/602/2486 Understand how to apply environmental protection measures within BSE
  • J/602/2496 Understand how to apply scientific principles within MES
  • D/602/2682 Understand and carry out site preparation, and pipework fabrication techniques for domestic plumbing and heating systems
  • H/602/2697 Understand and apply domestic cold water system installation and maintenance techniques
  • F/602/2884 Understand and apply domestic hot water system installation and maintenance techniques
  • Y/602/2888 Understand and apply domestic central heating system installation and ma
  • T/602/2493 Apply safe working practices in building services engineering working environment


Plumbing and Heating Units

  • F/602/2917 Understand and apply domestic rainwater system installation and maintenance techniques
  • J/602/2921 Understand and apply domestic above ground drainage system installation and maintenance techniques
  • D/602/2939 Install and Maintain domestic plumbing and heating systems

Learners must be working within a plumbing working environment.

Further Information

Assessments consist of a combination of practical and theory examinations.

The L2 NVQ Plumbing and Heating qualification requires the completion of centre based knowledge and practical assessments and workplace-based performance assessments and is designed for individuals carrying out the installation, commissioning, de-commissioning, servicing and maintenance of domestic plumbing and heating systems.

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Training materials are available from a number of sources.

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Career Opportunities

Career opportunities available through completing this qualification within the domestic plumbing and heating sectors could include plumbing and heating engineer and specialised craftsperson.

Industry Recognition

On completion recognised within the industry as the minimum level of qualification for a plumbing engineer

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