Domestic Gas Foundation (Managed Learning Programme)

Assessment Information

Our Domestic Gas Foundation Managed Learning Programme (MLP) training course is designed for candidates wanting to enter the gas industry.

Trainees who lack gas training and experience will need to hold a recognised qualification in the mechanical services engineering sector (e.g. plumbing), or they will have gained a minimum of 2 GCSEs (Grade C) or equivalent , preferably English, Mathematics or relevant/appropriate experience or an entry assessment.
Further Information

Assessments normally consist of a combination of practical and theory

Minimum Off-site duration

The minimum guided learning hours for the core competencies shall be 266 hours.

For the purpose of minimum guided learning hours, for consecutive learning days:

  • each day shall be no longer than 7.5 hours
  • each week shall be no longer 37.5 hours

Minimum on-site tasks and duration

The portfolio of on-site experience shall provide evidence representative of a minimum of 18 weeks (based on 37.5 hours per week (675hrs)) industry experience and be relevant to the elements in the training/technical specification


Your Gas Foundation Certificate will allow you to undertake relevant ACS gas assessments

Expiry Information

There is a 12 month expiry date on the Gas Foundation Certificate (there is also an expiry for the ACS gas assessments which is five years).

Useful Information

The minimum guided learning hours assigned to each subject are detailed below:


(At least one appliance to be selected)


Central Heating Boilers, Systems and Controls – 35

Water Heaters (Mandatory for candidates undertaking Central Heating Boilers) – 7

Fires and Wall Heaters – 7, Cookers – 7, Ducted Air Heaters – 7

On completion of the training, portfolio and successful recommendation, candidates are issued with a BPEC Gas Foundation certificate.

Upon receipt of the Gas Foundation certificate candidates can then apply to undertake the relevant ACS assessments

Training Materials

The Gas Foundation Candidate Portfolio: This allows candidates to record all the training they undertake as evidence of the necessary knowledge and experience to undertake the ACS assessments.

See Training Manuals

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