Electricity for Plumbers

Assessment Information

Assessments normally consist of a combination of practical and theory examinations.


Trainees must hold a recognised trade qualification and a minimum ACS CCN1 and CEN1 certificate. A working knowledge of central heating systems is essential.

This course is for experienced plumbing and heating installers wanting a basic knowledge of electrical installation skills and understanding of circuitry and fault finding for use in their day to day work.

Further Information

Our Electricity for Plumbers courses aim to help plumbers and heating engineers who work on central heating electrical control systems to work safely and comply with the appropriate standards. It has been designed with plumbing and heating engineers in mind and is limited to work that will NOT involve working on fixed installation of the property and addresses the following scope of work.

The scope of electrical works is explicitly defined in order to provide clear and unambiguous guidance on the electrical works associated with plumbing. ALL other work is outside the range of competences for plumbing and heating operatives.

While this certificate does not give you the full electrical qualifications it will allow the operative to work on electrical equipment associated with plumbing systems, but it must be noted that if there is any doubt about electrical work to be undertaken it is recommended that such work be referred to a competent Electro-technical operative.

Expiry Information

Certificates are normally valid for 5 years.

Useful Information

While not aiming to turn plumbers, gasfitters and heating engineers into electricians, this short programme will give them the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain and repair modern gas appliances and thus concentrates on:

  • The basics of electricity
  • Domestic house wiring
  • Central heating control systems
  • Fault Finding
  • Central heating appliance components
  • Safe Isolation
Training Materials

The manual forms part of a 3 day tutor-led training programme in approved training centres, using modules going from the basics of what electricity is and how it’s generated through how house and heating system wiring circuits are laid out to using a multimeter to identify faults on components and controls, and including a significant element of practical work.

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