RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Bridging Course – CMA/CESP/ESP to CCN1

Assessment Information

The CMA to CCN1 Bridge training contains information which covers the gaps between a Meter Managed Learning Programme and CCN1. This training ideal for those who wish to extend their scope of work to a different sector. The assessment involves a small number of questions to answer for each section covered, with a practical assessment for one area.


The only pre-requisite would be Holding Category B ACS Certificate such as CMA1, CESP1.

Further Information

The course has been developed to cover the areas that are required to extend scope to CCN1. The training guided learning hours meet the requirements of IGEM taken from the Standards of Training in Safe Gas work. The training also meets the requirements of the current Guidance Note 8 for entry routes to ACS assessment.

Expiry Information

There is no expiry date for this training.

Useful Information

The material produced will serve both as a means of learning as well as a tool of reference. The training objectives are to enable candidates applying to extend their scope of work to a different sector.

Training Materials

The training covers:

  • Combustion Performance
  • Gas Safety Devices and Controls
  • Standing, Operating Pressures, Burner Pressures, Gas Rates
  • Ventilation, Flues and Chimneys

There is also a worklog book which will be completed to record onsite experience and, where required, Realistic Work Environment evidence.


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