When you select a Renewables training course make sure it is future proof by choosing BPEC!

It can certainly be confusing when deciding which qualifications you may need when up skilling to become a renewable installer particularly if you wish to become MCS registered in order to obtain grants on behalf of your customer.
Up until now MCS Certification bodies have had different approaches in terms of acceptance of manufactures courses, evidence of training, certificates of achievements, certificates of competence, certificates of attendance, and indeed identifying which certificates are acceptable and which are not.

MCS has recently conducted a public consultation to gauge views of the industry and it is expected to publish further clarity shortly following that consultation. BPEC has been promoting the need for consistency amongst all the schemes operating in the UK and identifying which routes are acceptable to these registrations to benefit the installation companies and installers alike.

BPEC supports the approach identified in the consultation as one route of entry to the schemes, namely holding a recognised certificate mapped to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and the Qualifications Core Framework (QCF). This will bring consistency to the industry and clarity to all installers seeking entry into the schemes.
BPEC Renewables training courses have always been accepted by the various MCS bodies as evidence of training and because BPEC courses are mapped against the NOS and QCF you can undertake a BPEC training course with the confidence and peace of mind that they will continue to do so.

BPEC offer mapped courses in Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, Solar PV and Awareness of Environmental Technologies. BPEC offer a full range of Renewable Technologies and Sustainability course also including Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling, Ventilation and Heat Recovery, Woody Biomass, Underfloor Heating and Part L Energy Efficiency as well as training courses in traditional areas such as Gas, Oil, Water, and Electric. BPEC also now offer VQ qualifications in Plumbing and Heating.

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