Debbie Fisher

How can Debbie help?

Debbie works alongside the finance team at BPEC supporting all business areas within Finance, Business Services and I.T.


Debbie has worked within a finance and accounting environment since 1978. During this time Debbie has had varying roles, starting at the Halifax Bank as a Cashier/Mortgage Applications Clerk and then moving onto other banking, accounting, and financial organisational roles, where she developed her I.T skills along the way.

BPEC Journey

Debbie started working for BPEC in April 2003, as a Finance Officer – a role which subsequently developed, and later she progressed to Business Services and I.T. Manager in 2014.


Debbie enjoys reading, painting, photography, and spending time with her dog. She loves computer technology and fixing things. She also enjoys speaking to her friends online in Switzerland and Italy.