October 12, 2013

Anita Smith and her team have won £15,006.02 in the 2013 BPEC Life Awards!

Life Award 2013

Anita SmallThe BPEC Charity has announced Anita Smith and her team have won £15,006.02.

The Bansang Hospital was announced as the recipient of the 2013 Life Award.

The team is led by Anita Smith and also includes Nick Foley, a plumbing and heating engineer. Winning the award means that they will now be able to develop and refurbish parts of the Bansang Hospital located in Bansang Town in the Central River Region of The Gambia.

Baba Jeng, CEO of the Bansang Hospital commented on Anita’s win:

“Congratulations with the wonderful success in this highly competitive award. I have no doubt in your capability in the endeavor. Bansang is so dear to your heart. I am pleased to extend our sincere gratitude to you and all those who have contributed in one way or another in winning the first prize for Bansang Hospital. This fund will do immensely in addressing the plumbing situation of the hospital. This area of work in the hospital is very essential in ensuring a safe and clean environment for both staff and patients.”

The award was one of four totaling over £30,000 presented by the BPEC Charity – the charitable arm of BPEC, which is the leading training and certification provider to the building services engineering sector in the UK.

They were announced at an awards ceremony attended by 100 representatives of the plumbing industry at Pride Park Stadium, Derby, on October 11th 2013. The awards, in memory of BPEC’s founding chairman Raymond J Brooks, were presented by the Charities Trustees.

To read Anita Smith’s project diary go to the Bansang Hospital blog.