Legacy Fund

The Life Award aims to provide support to activities that lead to a greater improvement in the knowledge, skills and competence of people working in the plumbing industry throughout the UK and where appropriate delivering economic and social benefits to the wider community.

The Legacy Fund helps to ensure projects supported by the Life Award are sustainable by supporting them over a longer period.

See below for examples of previous successful projects:

The Bansang Hospital Appeal

The Bansang Hospital Appeal was awarded additional support via the BPEC Legacy Fund. This funding has enabled the construction of a new multi-purpose maintenance building to house essential plumbing & electrical equipment and tools close to the hospital, which will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the hospital maintenance team.

To see The Bansang Hospital Appeal’s work please visit our Facebook.

Rama Cay Village Water Supply

John Robinson, from Ballyearl, Newtownabbey, County Antrim was awarded additional support for his continual work alongside a village community in the Bluefields region of Nicaragua in a place called Rama Cay. This extra funding allowed John and a team of local workers to install new water storage tanks and a network of pipework to supply clean drinking water to the entire community of 40 homes.

To see John Robinson’s work please visit our Facebook.


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