The floors were generally in good condition

Life Award 2013

May 2014

The maternity had two sections on the BPEC project; the toilets and showers located within the postnatal ward mainly for patient use and the toilets and showers at the delivery room including staff toilet. Work required includes, wall tiling, replacement of patient showers, toilet seats. The floors were generally in good condition and expected to be retained.

The physiotherapy unit was completely without a toilet at the time of assessing the BPEC project areas. An existing old structure with broken down toilet facility was what was found at the physiotherapy unit hence the need to include the unit among areas benefiting from the BPEC project.

The eighteen room staff accommodation that was refurbished by the BHA contracted to Mr Jim Wada had most of its toilets subsided as a result of poor foundation. The first two toilet block that was badly damaged was identified to be urgently refurbished from the BPEC project fund. I am happy to state that, the occupants of the two houses who are both Nurses are comfortably living in their houses.  This structure which is much stronger than the previous toilet structure has in it modern and quality toilet facilities. As a result the huge task on our maintenance team, this project was outsourced to Morro one of the contractors working on hospital projects.

A Nurse Midwife said, “I’m grateful to BPEC for the timely intervention of providing these wonderful facilities to us.”

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