This is a burning desire within my heart..

December 2013

I flew out to Nicaragua on the 16th December and I have been to the location where the water tanks are to be installed. After checking the site, I have established that we will be unable to get a tractor up to the site until the road has had a lot of shells put down; as it is very muddy. This was planned to take place hopefully Friday 20th as I explained to the locals that this must happen before we even attempt to take a tractor up the hill.

After research by the American engineer helping on this project it has been decided to use plastic tanks rather than the proposed concrete tank.

Thursday 19th – I put a deposit on two tanks, which cost $2300 each – these should hopefully arrive in 2 weeks time. This allows me time to clear the site better, and prepare a good concrete base for the tanks.

I have tried to send pictures but they are taking forever to upload.

I returned to the island Thursday night to start work on Friday, and returned to Bluefields again where I have internet access, on Saturday. I also needed to make a purchase for the wood for base template, sand, stones and cement.

Finally, on the 20th of December I was able to get the tractor up the hill as the sun was strong and had helped to dry the road a bit. This enabled me to get it up to the site for the water tanks, rip out some of the old tree roots and pull out large boulders, then level off the site – this took most of the day. But now the site is almost ready for construction.

Saturday night, I calculated what material is required for the tank base, which will hold 4 tanks, though for now they are installing only 2 of these, or should I say positioning 2 of these as I am yet to come to an agreement on what pipe I am happy to install for the system. The pipe available in Rama Cay is much too thin, will not hold much pressure, and also have a short life.

Sunday morning, the locals from Rama Cay arrived with the shells for the road and also for part of the concrete mix, which was great. 1000 of these sacks have been ordered for the road, and 300 more for part of the concrete mix – these all have to be man handled up the hill from the boat as to take the tractor there will only make a huge mess of the ground up from the boat.

Checking on the delivery of shells, I then left the Island and returned to Bluefields, here I purchased a majority of the cement required for the job. Timber was also purchased which is required to construct a template for the tank base, which will be made in two halves.

I needed to return on Monday for 2 trips as they cannot get all required materials in the boat at once. I then purchased the metal for the base, the sand and the gravel required, which should enable me to construct at least half of the tanks base just after Christmas.

I have just had lunch and am exhausted, the heat is much more than I anticipated at this time of year, it is between 28 and 30 most days with crazy humidity, but it’s great to serving the Lord here, knowing that every drop of the seat is about him, and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

I will be spending Christmas out at the island with the people. This is a burning desire within my heart and I am looking forward to giving the children a small gift and then telling them about the true meaning of Christmas.

This Christmas, know that the kindness that you have all shown is making a huge difference indeed enhancing the lives of some very unfortunate people in Nicaragua, I pray the Lord bless you all richly for your kindness, I could not be here doing any of this without the backing I have received from my friends in the UK. God Bless.

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