It’s a steep learning curve..

Development Award 2012

January 2013

We are into to New Year and I have received the funding from BPEC which will aid in the development of the project.

A brand new Apple MacBook Pro is enabling me to download new software and I am awaiting the arrival of additional software over the coming weeks.

I am delighted with the portability and speed of the machine. I can now carry my ‘work’ with me everywhere! I know this setup will greatly help to support my workflow and productivity.

I have been busy creating a concept that will support my Level 3 plumbing and gas students with a revision ‘tool’. After the many conversations I have had with students I have been made aware that they always face the challenge of knowledge retention. My vision is to construct a resource he has called Revisionarium – a 3D virtual space loaded with interactive collaborative multimedia. I am very confident that with the funding from BPEC I will have the physical resources he needs to start developing media rich content.

It’s a steep learning curve, but one I am embracing with delight.

Throughout the development of the Virtual College I will still be teaching at the College of North West London but I anticipate February will prove to be a very productive month once I have received all the tools!

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