We were now struggling for time

New Year

The next few days were to be rest days, though we only took 1 day, and then continued with the work, as there was much to do.

I had to alter some pipework at the water tank that serves the existing property. This would enable me to pump water to the new water tank location for the entire village, so we could mix concrete for the tanks base.

The timber frame had to be built and supported, the metal had to be cut and tied together with metal straps, and stones and shell gathered and added to the tank base area to build it up to the correct height before pouring in the concrete.

The New Year came and we returned to Bluefields to collect the remainder of the materials.

I was due to leave for Managua on the 10th of January, so we were now struggling for time.

Collecting the remaining material, we leave again for the new Rama Village, the remainder of this day was taking the material out of the boats, and as much up the hill as possible, including the cement mixer ready to mix the following day.

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